Get the new Skull and Cross Bones ReMix Gravity Defying Cake Tutorial and take your novelty and scuplted caking skills to the next level!
What's included...
Get the Recipes
You get each recipe in a PDF to save and access easily every time you're in the kitchen, 'cause you'll wanna use these for everything!
Kara's Structure Secrets
Yep. I'm letting my structure design outta the bag after all these years! 
Easy Cold Sugar Techniques
Check out this versatile technique for hair, straw, hay, wicker, vanilla beans... 
YOU Make a Gravity Defying Cake!
It's quite simple really -- and I'm here to walk you step-by-step through it.

This tutorial shares my structure secrets, full length real-time video, materials shopping list, narration and so much inspiration you’ll want to drop everything and make crazy cakes!

The techniques and methods are so versatile you'll be able to use them in TONS of cake designs! This tutorial will pay you back over and over and over!

This tutorial is housed at, Kara's other learning site. 
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