Peter, Peter, Booger Eater

The making of a sugar showpiece! Learn how to decorate and finish an impressive suar showpiece just as you would a cake or as a display for a cake show. It's fun to get a little gross, but these techqniues are great for a HUGE variety of sculpted cakes. Cute or yucky critters, you'll be making them that much more awesome after watching Peter come to life!

Learn the tips and tricks behind the small details that take this showpiece cake from good to WOW!
It's great that you can sculpt a cake, but do you know how to bring it to life?
Small details make all the difference and using some unconventional techniques opens the door to more realistic, convincing, and fun cakes and show pieces! 
Full length video
Watch over my shoulder as I bring out the best, and grossest, features in Peter! Learn the tools and technqiues in real time right along with me.
Create intriguing texture
There is endless possibility within your own kitchen for creating touchable textures in sugar. Let me show you a few!
Airbrushing, glazing, and more!
Applying color with dusts alone can be both boring and exhaustive on a large piece like Peter. Combine both along and save time while getting a better result!
Gross people out!
Or use these techniques on your own design to make something cute and cuddly. Whatever works for you! EIther way, you're sure to impress!
Order now and I'll deliver this straight to your email inbox! I know you'll love it and be making awesome cakes with these techniques straight away! Don't forget to email me with pictures of your projects and tag me on soical media so I can see them all and cheer you on! :)

***Please note that this tutorial does not include the creation of structure or sculpting. It begins with a ready-to-cover base or RKT. If you want to learn sculpting, please check out The Making of a Grumpy Cake. If you want to learn structure AND sculpting, please have a look at Skull and Cross Bones ReMix.
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