Glowing Isomalt

Ever wanted to make your cakes glow in the dark? Like not just neon colors, but actually glow? I'll show you how I made the atolls of the Maldives Islands glow on this cake featured in Cake Masters. It fun and rather easy. Oh, all the Halloween possibilities! Muahahahaha!

Make your cakes GLOW and impress your party guests. Just add a black light and you'll be a caking superstar! 
This technique is ideal for novelty cakes and Halloween decorations for cakes and cupcakes. Elengant or scary, either way your sweet treats will be sure to drop jaws!
Worried about working with hot sugar or isomalt? I get'cha...
But that's what I'm here to walk you through. Making these islands is a hands-off technique (unless you go and get all kinds of creative with it!) and is a great way to step into working with hot sugar. No worries, you've got this!
Watch the process
Seeing the full process and seeing the sugar cook down is important to understanding how to handle it properly. Watch me take over my parent's kitchen and make it glow!
Isomalt or Sugar?
Even though I'm using isomalt for the final color I need, you can easily swap out sugar for this process without changing a thing. 
Tips and Tricks
Successful sugar cookery isn't mastered in one day, but when you have tips and tricks to get you past the common mistakes you can be the boss of your sugar in no time!
Light up the event!
This technique is an awesome way to thrill the crowd by illuminating a darkened room with CAKE! The oohs, the ahhs, and the "How'd you DO THAT?!?" will set your caking apart from the rest!
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