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Cake Hacks

Time to do some HACKING! Wait. Not THAT kind of hacking that can land you in the slammer. The clever kind that makes life a bit easier in whatever it is your attempting to hack. For us, it’s cake and sugar art. So many household items can [...]

Edible Gelatin Glitter

100% edible. Seriously. I was going to sell premade gelatin glitter. It was a fabulous idea! I love making it, and sooooo sparkly! Alas, I cannot. So, instead, I’m sharing my edible gelatin glitter method with you *this is where you gasp [...]

Wafer Paper Cake Design

It’s all ’bout that cakey eye candy! Ready for some eye candy action? Who doesn’t love those sweet, behind the scenes, close up shots? Well, I most certainly do, and I’ve got a whole bunch of ‘em for ya! Hold onto [...]

Cake Tools Wishlist

Oh it’s that time again! Everyone starts reeeaallyy considering what to put on their wishlist (you know, just in case). So I’m going to help you out with a few of my must haves. *The links included under the pics will take you to my [...]

Better Cake Photography

Pictures! We all take them because, well, they are the only record we have after our delicious and beautiful masterpieces have been devoured. A knife, a fork, and a hungry mob is all it takes to wipe the memory of your tireless hours of work [...]

How to Make Your Cake Shimmer

I love shimmer and shine. I cannot get enough! So when I was asked by a good friend for a recommendation on a tute for adding shimmer and shine to a cake I figured I would make one for her. (Love my Candace!) Watch the video. Below is a text [...]

Edible Gelatin Sequins

Oooh how I have been waiting for a project to use these beauties on! I first created these in January of this year while I was experimenting with gelatin for my She Dragon cake. It was a whim and mostly because I had some left over gelatin and [...]

Are you a Tiered Caker?

A new iOS app to make caking easier We all have our own ways of getting an idea out on paper. Some of us are great at just sketching away, some of us like to use software of some sort, some of us think we can’t draw a stick figure to save [...]

Wafer “Bouquet” Rose Tutorial

Photography by Vita Bella Photography You’ve been asking (well, almost demanding, but it’s all good. I feel loved ) for this tutorial on my Wafer Bouquet Roses that I used in the globe atop my Gray Lace cake. So here it is! Spread [...]

Ombre – Kara’s Way

I had never made anything ombre prior to creating this little ditty. I was purely curious about how other cakers ombre’d things, so I though I’d share how I did it and ask for feedback. My goodness it was well received by the caking [...]

Wafer Paper Ranunculus Tutorial

I love the ranunculus. It’s like the mille-feuille of the botanical world, lush with impossibly delicate, silky petals. No matter how many different ways I’ve tried, I have never been content with the finished look of sugar paste for this [...]

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